NEUROMASTER - Batteries Not Included - Nick Saffron #EDM #EDMfamily #MELBOURNE # BANGERS = UPLODED 14/08/2014

Official Real YouTube Links to NEUROMASTER #EDM Fake "Options Neuromaster" Hijacked Links on google...

Please bare with us as we are working on removing the ROMANIAN Hijacked Links and Hacked Accounts. We understand that it is a terrible user experience Hoping Google will work it out soon . Warning to stay safe on the internet do not follow re-directed links. Many Musicians are experiencing hijacked and pirated YouTube links with #MP3 and #VIDEO #YOUTUBE

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery


Samples Taken from the movie

#BATMAN + #HeathLedger

Original #NEUROMASTER - Nick Saffron

Wobble Bass 

UPLODED = 14/08/2014

Crazy Trance 3AM Experiment. Its Loaded

Perfect Music For a Quirky Advert or Movie

#Desined at #3AM


#YouTube Original Electronic NeuroMusic.



Get Song - NEUROMASTER - Higher [Trending iTunes]


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